Welcome to Eastlake Pharmacy

Meet Our Pharmacy Family

Thomas Jusu

Thomas is the owner and Pharmacist-in-Charge here at Eastlake Pharmacy. He is known for excellent patient care and his silly sense of humor. Thomas is dedicated to providing superior customer care to all of his patients.

Amber Klein

Amber is the Pharmacy Administrator and has been with Eastlake since its inception in 2013. She has been helping customers get the best service and the best care for a while now, and she's always here when you need her.

India Burks

India is Eastlake's veteran technician with 15 years of experience and has been with us for over two years now. She provides superior customer service and is an integral member of our Eastlake team.

Danielle Williams

Danielle is the newest member of our Eastlake team and comes to us with four years of experience in a high volume retail pharmacy. We are lucky to have her.


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